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What We Do

Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning will safely and effectively eliminate roof stains and streaks, leaving your roof free of organic growths, and you get your Curb Appeal back. We use professional equipment and only low pressure application and rinse processes, in conjunction  with our proprietary, environmentally friendly blend cleaning solution. Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning is locally owned […]


Besides being downright unattractive, the black roof stains (Gloeocapsa Magma, “GM”) diminish the roof’s ability to reflect sunlight, absorbing sun and heat. Your air conditioner will be working overtime fighting this effect. What’s more, the roof warranty may be voided if it is determined that proper roof maintenance was not performed.  Insurance policies can also […]

Why Low Pressure?

High pressure, like the output from a typical pressure washer, can and will damage your roof by dislodging the granules that make up the shingles. This will likely lead to the necessity of prematurely replacing your roof, needlessly costing you thousands of dollars. We use only low pressure during the entire process. Our procedure does […]